This month sees the first of the outreach days at Dinnington. It would be great if some of us were to be involved as part of the team. Jesus told his disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. There are many missionaries who have chosen to work in foreign countries, spreading the good news of the gospel to people who have never heard of Jesus. We may not all be able to go to far-flung shored ourselves but we can do what we’re able to do where we are. In this age of mass immigration, we do not necessarily need to go out into the world because the world has come to us, and people from foreign countries may be our neighbours. A recent headline on Yahoo states that many young people do not know who Paul McCartney is, but the greater tragedy is that many young people do not know who Jesus is. It is not just people in foreign countries that need to know about Jesus, there are so many people in our own country who need to know about Him too, but not just know about Him but really know Him as their Saviour and friend. Why not plan to be part of the Outreach team and make a difference in the lives of people? If you are unable to attend you can help by praying for those who are actively involved.