The School of Evangelism will be launching this month.  Not all of us are able to stand in a pulpit and speak to people but we can all spread the gospel as the opportunity arises.  We all meet people as we go about our daily lives.  A housewife may meet friends over a cup of coffee and be able to speak to them, a working woman or man may speak to their work colleagues and a child may speak to his friend in the playground or even his teacher at school.

Linked in with this is the continuation of the Try Praying programme.  During the month of April, we will be focusing on praying for our three friends, their personal needs including their worries and fears, hopes and dreams, their spiritual life and the things that keep them from turning to God.  When someone comes to Christ through evangelism it may also be because someone has been praying for them.

After His resurrection, when Jesus appeared to the disciples He told them to go and make disciples of all nations.  Everyones has a part to play.  Why not plan to take part in the School of Evangelism and the Try Praying programme and help make a difference in someone’s life?