We are in the midst our building work and appreciate the efforts everyone has made in working together during this time, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

In the Bible, many references are made to building.  Jesus tells the story of two men who built houses, one with a foundation of sand, and one that was built on a foundation of rock.  When the storms came and the floods struck the houses, the one built on sand collapsed, but the one built on the rock stood firm.

If we build our lives on Jesus, when the storms come, as they surely do, and everything around us is in chaos, we will be able to stand firm.  We do not have a life that is free from trouble, but we are able to stand strong through the storms.

Another kind of building is mentioned by the apostle Paul, and that is building each other up, being mindful of people’s needs and lending a helping hand or a listening ear where we can, encouraging people in the things of God so that they become the person God planned they would be, speaking words that will be of benefit rather than words that put them down and discourage them.

As we look forward to the completion of the building work that is going on here, let’s also make sure we are building our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus, and helping to build each other up.