Towards the end of this month, families will be preparing for children to return to school and college and we will be praying for them.

A small boy was sleeping at his grandma’s house and was having a bedtime story from a very old book that belonged to his daddy. It goes like this. Mary was just about to start going to school but she didn’t want to go as she felt safe and comfortable with her mummy and wasn’t clever enough as she didn’t know how to do sums, or read or write. Mummy said she had to go, and when the day came – it was a very old storybook – mummy told Mary to go out and meet the bigger children and walk to school with them. When the bigger children were not taking any notice, Mary hung about until they were gone and then ran back, but she got lost and began to cry. Another bigger girl with her little sister came by and said she could walk with them and took them to a building where a kind looking lady met them. They did some colouring, played musical instruments and had a story, and when the lady said it was time to go home, Mary was surprised to see her mummy waiting for her. She told her how much fun it had been and asked if she could come every day, as it was much better than school!

Some people are afraid of turning to God because they feel safe in their own world or are worried that they aren’t good enough, and go their own way and become lost, maybe wondering what life is all about. Just like that big girl who came along, Jesus came to look for those of us who are lost and show us the way to the Kingdom of Heaven and a different way of life.

Like Mary, you may be surprised at what life came be like with Jesus. Why not find out for yourself?