In the Christmas story, wise men from the East came to visit the baby Jesus. It would not have been an easy journey, they were following a star so obviously, they were travelling at night. The terrain would have been rough and stony, not the smooth and we see pictured on so many Christmas cards, difficult to negotiate in the darkness. There would have been wild animals in the desert, and so all things considered, their journey would have been quite dangerous. It would probably have been simpler to give up and turn back, yet they persevered, intent on their goal until at last, they found what they were seeking.

Life isn’t always easy, we go through dark times, and the way can often be seen rough with no hope, or light at the end of the tunnel, but that is why God sent Jesus, to be our hope. Sometimes we have to walk dark paths and go through difficulties in life before we find Jesus and accept Him as our Saviour and friend. He doesn’t always take away our problems, but He will make it easier for us to bear them. Just as the thought of meeting the Saviour of the world kept those wise men going, Jesus will help to keep us going through all the difficulties and dark times that we face in life. Why not ask Him to be your Saviour and friend and make this Christmas one to remember?