We have recently seen the first snowfall of winter, bringing with it the usual disruption to travel and our everyday life.  Yet, it’s amazing how even the dirtiest litter-strewn street, the untidiest garden looks so different with a blanket of sparkling, crisp, white snow.  However, underneath it, the rubbish and litter is still there, and when the snow thaws, it usually looks even worse, surrounded by grey slush.

Jesus came to make a difference in our lives, but unlike the snow that melts, the difference that Jesus makes is lasting.  He doesn’t just cover over our old life, our old ways and our old habits, He changes them completely if we allow Him to.  In the Old Testament, whenever the people did wrong, they had to make an animal sacrifice to cover their sin, just like the snow covers up all the rubbish, but it never removed their sin completely.  When  Jesus came, He paid the price for our sin, on the cross.  The Bible says “Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow”.  Why not ask Jesus to be your friend and Saviour today and see what a difference He makes in your life – a difference that is lasting and will not change with the melting snow?