At the beginning of the New Year, we will be focusing on increase and growth.  There is a short verse in the book of Chronicles which tells us that a man called Jabez prayed to God “Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory”.  We need to ask God to enlarge our territory – not the amount of land that we own, but the amount of the land we have an impact on.  This may be in the place where we work, the places we go to spend our leisure time or the community where we live.  We need to make a positive impact on the people we come into contact with in all these areas.

If we are asking God to bless us and enlarge our territory, it means that we have big dreams, but we also have a great big God who wants us to reach and stretch for Him.  God wants to pout His blessings into our lives and is able to do more for us than we can ever ask or think possible,  so like Jabez, let’s dream big, ask God to enlarge our territory so that together we can do great things for Grimethorpe and the surrounding area in 2014.