Once again we stand at the beginning of a New Year, a time that many people use to try and make a new start, and forget the mistakes of the past. In the Bible, we read of a time when God told Moses that the month they were in was to become the first month of the year, a time when they would have a new start. God’s people were slaves in Egypt, working under hard taskmasters, and they were desperate to leave Egypt and be free, but every time Pharoah said they could leave he changed his mind. Finally, God stepped in and told the people that each family should take a lamb and slaughter it and paint the blood onto the doorposts of the house. He gave instructions as to how the lamb should be cooked and eaten and that the people should be dressed and prepared, ready for a long journey. God would then pass over the land and smite the firstborn of every household, but the blood on the doorposts would be a sign that God’s people were in the house, and they would be spared. God didn’t say “when I see you kill the lamb, when I see you roast the lamb, when I see you eat the lamb” but “when I see the blood” – in other words, “when I see the blood I will know you are mine and I will save you”. In the same way, when Jesus, the Lamb of God, died and shed His blood it was to save us from our sins, and when we believe that is true, God acknowledges that we belong to Him. He sees our hearts made clean by the blood of Jesus. At the start of this New Year, why not take a step of faith and trust in the blood of Jesus?