We live in a busy world and the pace of life is much faster than it was five or ten years ago, with the pressures and demands of life and work.  Often people make lists of things they need to do, and feel guilty if everything doesn’t get done, or they may have deadlines to meet at work and feel that they have failed if they don’t meet them, but we need to make time for ourselves and our families and allow ourselves to take a break, especially in this season of summer holidays, because if we don’t take a break we will eventually break.

Jesus knew the importance of this and once said to His disciples “come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” when the came to Him to tell Him all that they had been doing, yet because so many people had been coming and going they had not even had time to eat.

So firstly, ask yourself “does it really matter if that doesn’t happen?” or in popular jargon “don’t sweat the small stuff”, and let it go.  Then, don’t allow the stuff that remains undone to undo you.  Strive for balance between work and play, and don’t become addicted to what you enjoy, otherwise, it will take over.  Finally, take time for the people who matter – busyness is a destroyer of relationships.  Nothing can compensate for the joy of your family and loved ones and spending time with them.  So, this summer, take a break and make time for yourself and your family.