We are now well into the season of Summer, and the sunshine and rain are causing the things in the garden to grow rapidly; not only fruits and flowers, but also an abundance of weeds, and even overgrown and out of control plants and bushes.  In order for useful plants and shrubs in the garden to flourish and produce fruit, and gardens to be seen in all their summer glory and beauty, these things need to be removed.

It’s just the same with us.  We can spend all our energy cultivating things in our lives that are not really very useful, and that stops us from living the life that God intended us to live. We may be spending too much time watching things on TV, playing computer games or reading; not that these things are wrong in themselves, but the trouble starts when they take over our lives.  We may feel hurt or angry by something someone has said or done to us and carry these feelings around with us rather than letting go of them.  We may feel justified in “getting our own back” and retaliating.

In the Bible, it tells us “cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you.”  Just as we have people who are experts at tidying up gardens and getting rid of things that make them look unsightly, as we see on garden make-over programmes, Jesus is the one who can give our lives a make-over and help us get rid of the things that shouldn’t be there, so that we can blossom and His beauty can be seen in our lives.  Why not ask Him to help you today?