How often have we lost or misplaced something?  It may be something of value or an important paper, something of sentimental worth, or something that we need, like our car keys.  Often we can spend hours turning our house upside down and searching everywhere for that all-important item, which can turn up in the most unexpected place.  In the Bible, Jesus illustrates this be telling the story of a farmer who had a hundred sheep, one of which went missing.  The farmer did not think “Well, I’ve got ninety-nine more, I won’t bother looking for it, it may turn up.” No, he searched and did not rest until he found the sheep that was lost.  Jesus also tells the story of a lady who had ten silver coins and lost one.  She swept the house and searched everywhere until she found it because it was precious to her.  When God created us, we became precious to Him, and He wants us to come to know Jesus as our friend and Saviour.  Jesus tells us that He is the Good Shepherd who cares for each one of us.  He can help us through the trials of life, when we feel lost and we don’t know where our life is going, just like that lost sheep we can know that He is there to help us and guide us through if we will put our trust in Him!!