Everyone needs focus.  In the Old Testament, we can read of a group of people who had focus, but some of them had their eyes focused on the wrong things.  When God told His people He had a Promised Land for them, they wanted to spy in out first, so Moses sent out twelve spies.  Ten of them saw the walled and fortified cities and the people who inhabited them, some of them as tall as giants, and were afraid.  On the other hand, two of the spies, Caleb and Joshua, saw the fruit of the land, the juicy grapes, clusters of which were so big they had to be carried on poles between two men, and the rivers of water, the land of milk and honey, and said that although it was true that there were walled cities and giants, they were well able to overcome them because they knew that God had promised them the land. Fear sees obstacles and faith sees opportunities.  The ten spies had short sight, they could only see what was in front of their eyes, but Caleb and Joshua had both short sight and long sight.  Yes, they could see the walled cities and giants but they could see God’s bigger picture, and what the Promised Land could be if they trusted in God.  Today, although we look to the present which may have its problems, we also need to look to the future and see God’s bigger picture for our lives and the Promised Land He has for each one of us if we put our trust in Him.