During the month of March, we will be launching the Try Praying programme.  Did you know that 20 million adults in the UK pray?  13 million pray at least once a month, and 9 million pray every day.  One in three people believes that God will answer their prayers.

Prayer is a conversation with God.  We don’t need to use special words or a special voice.  We can pray out loud or silently.  God knows what we think and is familiar with all we do.  We can talk to Him about anything – the morning of a job interview, the night when a family member is sick, the few moments before an exam.  Most people have prayed in moments of desperation.  People find praying helps and have had answers.

However, we don’t have to have problems in order to pray.  We can thank God for the blessings He gives us – family and friends and the times of enjoyment that we share with them, giving us happy memories to look back on; a home, food and clothes, the beauty of the world found in nature.  Why not download the Try Praying app and try praying?