This month we have three dedication to celebrate. It’s great to see babies and children, being presented to God and to be brought up knowing that Jesus can be their Saviour and friend. However, it would be strange if these babies and children never grew up, and remained as babies because the natural order of things is for babies to grow into toddlers, and then into teenagers, given all the encouragement they need by their parents and family to develop into mature adults.

It’s just the same in the church. When we are born into the family of God and become a child of God we are expected to grow. Just like parents of babies and children help them to develop, God is our heavenly father and wants us to grow up knowing the Jesus is our Saviour, and to understand that He died on the cross for each one of us. He wants us to know that Jesus is a friend who we can trust. God wants us to grow up knowing that what the Bible says is true and that we can trust in God’s word which teaches us how to live so that we can develop into mature Christians.

Let’s pray that God will bless these little ones, and also all the other toddlers, children and young people, both in the church and in the community, and not only pray but offer them encouragement to grow up secure in the knowledge that God loves them just as we do, and wants them to live a life that honours Him and their families