September brings the start of a new academic year, and a return to work after the Bank Holiday. It can bring changes for everyone – some children may be starting school for the first time, or just moving up classes. Some children may be progressing from junior school to senior school, whilst others start college or university. For adults, it may mean starting out in working life or a change of career direction. All change brings a challenge. For a small child, it may be something as simple as learning to put on their own shoes, while older ones have to choose which subjects to study. For adults, it may be learning the ropes of a new job. Whatever the challenge is, for some – adults and children alike, it may bring fear of the unknown, of what the future holds, whilst others look forward to it with enthusiasm. One thing we can be sure of is that if we put our trust in Jesus He will be with us through our fears, and never fail us. Whatever the future holds for each one of us, it is always brighter with Jesus!

Please pray for all those who are returning to, or starting school, college and university this month. Let us also pray for all the schools in the community; the pupils, teachers and other people who work there, and for Pastor Joy as she continues to take assemblies in schools in the area. Let’s also remember all those who may be starting or returning to work.